GAP Insurance

Sleep easy knowing you have Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) for your vehicle. GAP is designed to eliminate your unpaid net loan balance in the event your vehicle is stolen or totaled.

A vehicle’s value generally declines faster than the loan or lease balance on the vehicle. And if the vehicle is wrecked or stolen and not recovered, the owner may be in for an unpleasant surprise. The insurance settlement may be several thousand dollars short of paying off the loan balance. GAP coverage pays the deficit! Our GAP Protection is extremely affordable and even pays you back the insurance deductible. Ask a loan officer for more details.


GAP helps cover the difference between the actual cash value of the vehicle (primary insurance company settlement) and the outstanding loan balance at the time of loss.


  • Any refundable additions to the loan amount such as Service Contracts and other insurance
  • More than 2 delinquent payments
  • More than allowed Skip-a-Payments as listed on the GAP Waiver Form (1 Skip-a-Payment per year up to a maximum of 2 per loan term)
  • Late charges, fees, extensions or other money added after the loan inception
  • Any portion of the loan, at loan inception, that exceeds Max % of MSRP (new vehicles) or Max % of NADA clean retail book value (used vehicles)
  • Interest accrued after the date of loss


The primary borrower is eligible for a $1,000 GAP Plus Benefit if the vehicle is deemed as a total loss and you finance your replacement vehicle with SVFCU within 90 days of the GAP Claim being paid! The $1,000 benefit will be applied as a principal reduction to your new loan amount after inception.

This information is intended to provide an outline of the terms and conditions of the Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) PLUS program. Refer to your GAP PLUS Addendum or Certificate for all terms and conditions.

Auto Advantage Auto Deductible Reimbursement

In addition to GAP PLUS, the primary borrower is also covered under SVFCU’s Auto Advantage program for Auto Deductible Reimbursement.

Eligible Vehicles:

New and used passenger automobiles (including refinances) up to a maximum Gap of $50,000.00 in loss per occurrence up to a maximum of 150% of NADA value, up to six (7) years.


Maximum $1,000.00 primary carrier deductible limit


In the event of a total loss, you must notify SVFCU and contact your primary insurance carrier. You must cooperate with SVFCU to obtain the maximum amount for actual cash value of the vehicle from the primary insurance company.

*The Gap Waiver does not apply to losses caused by occurrences not covered by the primary insurance company or occurrences arising out of racing, speed contest, confiscation, or an intentional act of destruction by the borrower.

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